Von Who?

“If you spread enough rumors about yourself, eventually they’ll come true." - von Hottie

Hey stranger! I’m Laura von Holt (a.k.a. von Hottie), I’m very glad I grew up to be me, and I’m on a mission to inspire others to be more themselves, too.


I believe that we all have our own brand of “von Hottness,” and only when we are true to ourselves can we be true to others. All of this is facilitated, of course, by the wearing of giant accessories.


I love art, champagne, fairytales, pink, glitter, jokes, jewelry, spin, yoga, mermaids, outer space, spa treatments and paranormal romance novels.

She What?

Pinup, Guru, Writer, Performer and Aerial Comedienne.

I make theater with Little Lord, perform daring feats of "aerial what-was-that" with Flaming Mermaid Broken Star, and chronicle my unconventional journey through conventional fitness on Social Workout. I am perhaps best known for my form of guerilla street pinup.

I’ve contributed to Jezebel and appeared on Current TV, in Time Out New York, and the New York Times.

I am currently writing a fabulist novel about a fairy godmother, and a romance novel about mermaids. There is also a champagne lounge named after me... And I've also graced the pages of People and Us Weekly.

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